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I Am Samuel

Dir: Peter Murimi | 69 mins

I Am Samuel is an intimate portrayal of one man’s conflict: on one hand, he must define love and freedom for himself, on the other, he is duty-bound to honour his family’s wishes.

This documentary, filmed over five years, follows Samuel, who grew up in a small Kenyan town and now lives in Nairobi. His life in the capital is in stark contrast to his upbringing in a traditional rural family. He loves them and they love him, but they wish that he would get married soon. A secret stands between them.

Director Peter Murimi will be present for a live Q+A.

Kenyan, Christian, Queer

Dir: Aiwan Obinyani | 20 mins

Is it possible to be African, Christian and gay? The first LGBT church in Nairobi, Kenya, definitely believes so. The Cosmopolitan Affirming Community seeks to promote an inclusive and progressive form of Christianity, in a rather conservative society.

There will also be a live online panel discussion featuring both directors titled ‘To be Kenyan, Christian & Queer’, held in partnership with Africa in Motion Film Festival.

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This film is distributed by Toni Kamau.

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