The Boy Who Couldn’t Feel Pain – Eugen Merher
Set in Grants, New Mexico, this film tells the fictional small-town legend of Chester, a street fighter who can’t feel any pain. But when Annie, a bowling alley employee who just moved into town, challenges him to a fight, things begin to change.

Blinkers – Kerry Corran
Charting the blurred lines of love and addiction. A couple’s relationship to each other comes under the spotlight when a gambler is about to receive some news – but has his luck run out?

The Gifted Hypothesis – Mario Theodorou
A working-class child prodigy, born with the ability to hear and compose music, fights the limitations of his social status to make the most of his incredible talent. This film shines a light on the unfortunate reality that in modern society, it’s better to be born rich than gifted.

Fifty-Four Days – Cat White, Phoebe Torrance
When tragedy strikes, a spirited young woman turns to wild swimming in search of answers. Swimming each day at dawn and forming an unlikely friendship in the process, she learns to accept her grief and the grief of those around her.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.


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