Passover Scars (short)
Solomon is given the divine blessing of a unibrow, bestowing him with the honor to be sacrificed as an offering. He risks it all by making the choice to pass over his fate. Through this awakening, a haunting voice and song leads him to a safe haven with his chosen family. A folklore film inspired by an Ethiopian rumor/tragedy in which children born with a unibrow were kidnapped for sacrifice.

Raine – Frey Dagne (short)
This film is in Amharic, English and Italian with subtitles
An Ethiopian girl who grew up poor meets her wealthy father for the first time at the age of six, introducing chaos into her world and changing her life forever. Ever since that day, she has been hunted and along the way has learned to become the hunter.

Child of the Occult – Adesola Sunday Oyin-Adejobi, Isaac Oluwole Olaleye (feature)
Omo Awo is the story of a man who is a child of God. Unknown to him, his father is an occultist.

His mother and other siblings died when he was two years old. His father’s struggles in business and family in his early life have led him to seek solutions from all spiritual and physical sources. His father’s wife is a witch; his father’s mistress is a triple witch and introduced his father to the occult.

How will Omo balance his love for God with his duty to family and to his father? Will he remain a child of God – or become a Child of the occult?

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.


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