We Are Parable and Manyatta Screenings, along with filmmaker Wanjeri Gakuru, have collaboratively curated a series of short films that establish a conversation between Britain, Kenya and the wider East African region.

After two weeks in Kenya, Love Letters to Cinema comes to Rich Mix from 16-18 Jul for in-person screenings of the programme and an accompanying exhibition showcasing key elements from each film, from shot lists and scripts to props and storyboards, creating a unique experience for audiences.


A Birthday Party
Dir. Victoria Adeola Thomas | UK | 2021 | 12m

Twin sisters Aisha and Fatima enjoy a close bond. Fatima is enjoying birthday celebrations with her boyfriend when a chance call to her sister brings back terrible memories from the past. Can Fatima break the curse of a cultural practice that has been handed down through the family?

Dir. Tomisin Adepeju | UK | 2018 | 15m | English & Yoruba with English subtitles

An African Pentecostal Pastor questions everything she believes after a life-changing event.

Bukikakkono (Facing North)
Dir. Tukei Peter Muhumuza | Uganda | 2018 | 9m

Set in a township where the majority of the men have left for Europe via the Mediterranean sea, it’s the women’s turn. Jane has figured out a way to get to Europe.

I Had To Bury Cucu
Dir. Philippa Ndisi-Herrmann | Kenya | 2018 | 14m

Geoffrey, 12, and his brother Kimanthi, 15, have to travel to Shimoni to bury their grandmother. It is a most dreadful journey for the two as it will bring them face to face with the man who sexually molested them years ago.

Lock Off 
Dir. Akwasi Poku | UK | 2021 | 9m

A misinformed police force led by a trigger-happy commander, are tasked with bringing down a suspected “criminal organisation”.

Love & Brain 
Dir. Semagngeta Aychiluhem | Ethiopia | 2020 | 4m

After a shocking discovery by a scientist about the health benefits of eating a Zombie’s brain, everything changed. The world was never the same. Humans started hunting Zombies by any means necessary and destroyed the world in the process. The film follows a Zombie, Abu, who is hunted by a human for his brain.

Tithes & Offerings
Dir. Tony Koros | Kenya | 2018 | 16m

The minister of a small and ramshackle pseudo-Christian church, obsessed by the charisma that he can exercise over his people, stages false miracles to increase his credibility. Until, one day, completely unexpectedly and by accident, something seems to help him implement his plan…

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