Ten-year olds Tong and Mew first become friends when Tong steps in to defend the effeminate Mew from bullies at school. But just as their bond begins to grow, a heart-rending family tragedy results in the pair being separated.

Several years later, they meet by chance at Siam Square, a popular place for teenagers to hang out in Bangkok. By this time, Tong is a popular and handsome guy who is bored with his girlfriend, while Mew is a quiet musician who pours all his energy into his band, and is secretly adored by his neighbour Ying. As Mew begins to compose a love song, his long-forgotten feelings for Tong resurface, and relationships in the present become inextricably tied to the shared pain of the past. Combining Boy Love tropes with intricately layered family drama, this box office hit is a modern classic of Thai queer cinema – a complex study of lives connected by love and loss.

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