The Multi – Natasha Ofili (short)
An isolated Black Deaf woman has constructed a world of order to keep a childhood trauma buried deep in her psyche. Then an unexpected turn of events forces her to confront her demons from the past, who threaten to destroy everything she has built. She tries to keep control of her life before it’s too late.

Dysphoria – Yennis Cheung (short)
This film is in Mandarin, Chinese and English with English subtitles.
Lucia Leung, a Chinese immigrant in London, struggles with an unbearable mental illness. Just as Lucia contemplates ending her life, an enigmatic and bohemian woman named Janet begins chatting to her. Also Chinese, Janet teaches Lucia that she should not have a self-pitying attitude, which angers her. They argue about the meaning of life, but soon the two bond over music, jokes, and their shared Chinese culture. In the end, Lucia learns who Janet really is but more importantly, she learns what to do with her own suffering.

Dues – Esther Baker (short)
Fifteen-year-old Tia has to be strong for her abused mum, but she’s vulnerable to exploitation from criminal networks unless she can find a way out – fast.

Not Enough – Matthew Law (short)
A darling newlywed couple receive unexpected news which threatens their relationship.

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