Lefa – Mpolokeng Chabane (short)
A man battles to provide for his family after sustaining a spinal cord injury.

Discipline – DD Armstrong (short)
When night guard Anderson gets a disgruntled call from his ex-partner to say their son has been in trouble again at school, he is given the task of disciplining unruly and mischievous Kye. However, when he summons the boy to his flat, a battle of wits soon ensues in a contest to see who will break first. A timely and poignant piece about fatherhood in the Black community.

Pattern – Ivan Madeira (feature)
It’s five months after the death of Curtis’ partner Mia due to post-birth complications. As the initial fog of grief starts to lift, he is at a crossroads of how he wants to raise their daughter Salome. Sleep-deprived and isolated from the world, it’s just them in their downtown city condo.

Working remotely, he becomes obsessed with the car modification forum he moderates, buying expensive things for his car that he cannot afford. It’s his escape. But things soon start to fall apart around him, and his relationships with his mother and mother-in-law become fractured. All he wants is Mia back in his life so that they can raise their daughter together, as they both dreamt of. But as reality starts to creep in, will he even be able to take care of himself?

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.


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