Though seemingly benign, the ability to influence transforms both those who wield it and those who it targets. Humour and satire offer insightful commentary on the incompatibility of privilege and philanthropy, the stifling of protestors, and exploitation of authority. Discussions on race, friendships, and relationships become more nuanced in high school conversations, college sorority hazing, and audition tapes which probe the thin line between validation and toxic social status.

These sharp, creative, and poignant observations challenge various manifestations of influence. Though they might be set in distant or fictitious settings, they serve as an uncomfortable and necessary reflection of our own condition.

Bhrown Boy | dir. Rhavin Bandaranayake | Australia 2023 | 14′
Lower Ground | dir. Firas Itani | UK 2022 | 13′
The Storm | dir. Clemente Lohr | UK 2023 | 13′
Showpony | dir. Clare Hoey | UK 2023 | 5′
Scotty’s Vag | dir. Chaconne Martin-Berkowicz | USA 2022 | 15′
Fostering | dir. Andrey Kashpersky | Belarus 2022 | 19′
He Ran Along His Comrade | dir. Genís Rigol Alzola | Spain 2023 | 14′


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