Criteria Kya Hai? by Aneesa Khan
Sabah, a young Pakistani-American woman returns to her family home amidst the chaos of her sister Imaan’s wedding preparations. Through a blend of humor, introspection, and family dynamics, the film explores the intricacies of cultural identity and the complexities of modern relationships.

Jhumki by Malini Raman-Middleton
When Meena takes a pair of cherished earrings from her older sister, Divya, the pair begin to argue about Meena’s track record with lost possessions. In order to save face, Meena must find the lost earrings and plant them in her sister’s bag.

Ladke by Sruchi Patel
On a campus saturated with couples in love, Saloni is enjoying her alone time… as usual. But when she crosses paths with a cute boy, and gets the chance to attend an album launch party, will she finally make a move?

F.O.G by Malinda Kaur
Set in Bradford, we follow Ranjit and her mum Chandaon a car journey to the Gurdwara. Ranjit gradually tries to open up with her mother, but finds ancestral baggage, carried by so many South Asian women, holds her back.

A Border Between Us by Riad Arfin
When a Bangladeshi man moves across the world to be with his partner in the UK, he discovers the unforeseen costs of following your heart. In this moving tale, director Riad Arfin explores his personal experience of being in an interracial relationship and trying to settle in a culture very different from his own.

Same, Same? by Leah Rustomjee
Invited to a Parsi Besna ceremony, mixed heritage twin sisters, Maya and Lila, are forced to navigate and confront their differences.

Memory by Riyadh Haque
An experimental documentary reimagining the childhood recollections of a Jersey inhabitant, Margaret, through the lens of the director’s British South Asian background – channelling his own family’s generational diasporic experience and sisterhood.

Tere Bina by Vinod Arjun Shinhmar
A story of siblinghood, the struggles of their family life and culture.

Turquoise by Nibhal Bajracharya
Upon hearing the name of the colour ‘turquoise’ for the first time, an elderly couple have a captivating conversation, reflecting upon their own perceptions and interpretations of colours.

I See Her by Sukki
A woman trapped in a forced marriage experiences an alternate future, in which a neighbour helps her out of her situation.


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