Monochromatic – Karen Bryson (short)
The inevitable moment a six year old girl realises the world operates with bias when it comes to the colour of her skin. We’re all born equal…then life happens. For the inquisitive young mind the question of race will be asked, as a child begins to experience the world and the socialisation process starts, whether they vocalise it or not. Depending on their ethnicity, the answer holds a very different lifelong outcome.

Tasbeeh – Iqbal Mohammed (short)
Two childhood friends reunite in their Northern working-class town, post-Brexit.

The Agreement – Ricky King (short)
A struggling but gifted musician agrees to the deal of a lifetime, but in exchange for success makes the ultimate sacrifice.

My Jerome – Adjani Salmon (short)
A mother is faced with overwhelming evidence of her son’s guilt in a violent crime but is determined to cling onto her belief in his innocence.

The Turn of the Screw – Chris Michael Fretwell (short)
England, 1981. Unemployment is on the rise and the first Brixton riot is around three months away from exploding on the streets of South London. The SUS law is helping corrupt police officers incarcerate innocent young Black men as the police themselves turned up in court to act as witnesses.

Danny Arthur attacks a prison officer in the hope of being moved off the wing. His new cellmate Ambrose Cook is waiting for his parole. Locked in the cell, both inmates wait for their fates to be decided.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.

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