Margin – Daniel Rands (short)
In an after-school, last-chance, catch-up class, 16 year-old student Rias’ struggle to better herself clashes with her teacher Emily’s battle to get through an English lesson – evoking racial tensions and societal issues that they soon find to be all too relevant.

The Black Cop – Cherish Oteka (short)
One former police officer’s experience of being both the victim and perpetrator of racism within the police force.

No Bad Guys – George Gittoes (feature documentary)
Englewood in Southside Chicago began to be called Chiraq when there were more deaths reported there, annually, than US soldiers killed in the combined wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. George Gittoes, who has spent the last 50 years covering wars as an artist, filmmaker and photographer turns his attention to the US and spends three years on May Block, the epicentre of gun violence, and presents an intimate, immersive, character-based film following the lives of both the gun-carrying perpetrators and the bereaved families of the victims. Everyone wants to see an end to the violence, while the cycle of revenge turns relentlessly.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A.

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