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The Baobab Award for Best Short Film exists to recognise and support African filmmaking and to enhance the visibility of emerging new voices. The Award consists of a £1,000 cash prize awarded by a jury of filmmakers and industry professionals.


Dir: Carl Earl-Ocran | UK, Ghana | 4 mins | English with English subtitles

Described by the director Carl-Earl Ocran as an ‘ethereal’ break up story, this short recasts folklore as a contemporary story, in which we see Anansi, the trickster spider god try to win back Ama, an Ashanti goddess, and his estranged ex.

Artist, Act of Love

Dir: Kuukua Eshun| Ghana | 20 mins | English with English subtitles

This short is a visual poem, deftly written by the director, Kuukua Eshun. It celebrates what love looks like in its many forms. It asks the question: what does it mean to pledge allegiance to a nation, a person, a point in time, or the self?

Da Yie

Dir: Anthony Nti| Ghana, Belgium | 20 mins | Twi, English with English subtitles

Set in Accra, Ghana, Anthony Nyi’s short film Da Yie is a semi-autobiographical story that explores the loss of innocence. Led by two breakthrough child actors, the story follows days in the lives of Matilda and Prince, two impressionable children as they encounter Bogah, an adult with nefarious intentions.

Dọlápọ̀ Is Fine

Dir: Ethosheia Hylton| UK | 15 mins | English with English subtitles

Ethosheia Hylton’s beautiful coming-of-age story is woven around the politics of hair and identity. At its centre is Dolapo, a young British, black woman who must make choices about her hair and name, in order to fit into a mainstream workforce. But how much of herself must she leave behind…

Fakh (The Trap)

Dir: Nada Riyadh | Egypt, Germany | 21 mins | Arabic with English subtitles

In the peculiar set up of a deserted and run-down Egyptian seaside resort in wintertime, a young unmarried couple arrives to make love. The power dynamic between them is tested, when the girl reveals she wants their relationship to end. Please note that this film features some images of violence against women, which may be triggering.

Henet Ward

Dir: Morad Mostafa | Egypt | 22 mins | Arabic with English subtitles

Henet Ward‘s lead character, Halima, is a Sudanese henna artist who is called upon to paint the bride-to-be of a well-off Egyptian family. She goes in the company of her seven-year-old daughter, Ward. They are both refugees in Egypt. The day does not go to plan, for either of them. Directed by Morad Mostafa, Henet Ward is a look into the experiences of Sudanese refugees inspired by the video of a bullied Sudanese student that went viral across Egypt last year.


Dir: Uyai Ikpe-Etim | Nigeria | 39 mins | English

ìfé and Adaora fall in love over a three-day date, but their love comes under pressure when it tested by the realities of being in a same-sex relationship in a homophobic country like Nigeria.


Dir: Hlumela Matika | South Africa | 13 mins | Xhosa, English with English subtitles

The UK premiere of this film by Hlumela Matika. Khanya and Sandiswa are left outside the local horse gambling arena by their father, under the strict instructions to not leave the car. Khanya receives her period and makes the decision to enter the arena, when she is caught by her father, the true confines of their delicate relationship come to light.

What Did You Dream?

Dir: Karabo Lediga | South Africa | 19 mins | Tswana with English subtitles

It’s the summer school holidays in 1990 South Africa and 11-year-old Boipelo is back at her grandmother Koko’s four-roomed house in Atteridgeville. It’s a point of uncertainty for the country and for Boipelo who will be attending a multiracial school soon. As the holidays come to an end, she becomes consumed by the fact that, unlike her two cousins, she can no longer remember her dreams when her granny asks in order to play a local Chinese lottery called Mochaena. She has to devise a plan to dream again, before it is too late.

Yene Fikir Ethiopia (My Love, Ethiopia)

Dir: Gabrielle Tesfaye | Ethiopia | 14 mins | Amharic with English subtitles

This European premiere by Gabrielle Tesfaye is based on a true story. My Love, Ethiopia is a live-action animated picture that follows the turbulent and mystical journey of a young girl searching for freedom after being separated from her family. Set during Ethiopia’s political conflict in the 1970s, the story is unveiled through turbulent migration, visiting spirits from an ancient world, and ancestral magic.

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