‘Afters’ is a collaborative effort produced by translating energy generated by people into a painting. This piece represents their sounds, movements, spaces, and creations.

Words from the artist: “This work became an exercise in the endeavour to stay present. The aspiration of ‘being in the moment’ whilst acknowledging the fleeting nature of it; an attempt to grasp the fluidity of our ever-changing lives by remaining observant and responsive through the documentation of these fleeting moments.

This is a picture of a community, a marker of moments shared and gone – moments that I’m continually honoured to be a part of. 

With the painting I hope to invite the viewer to journey through the many brush strokes – an invitation to experience the same break from usual thought patterns that I experienced while curating and creating it.”

Artist info:

Alice Farrall is a mixed media artist and part of London’s bohemian queer art scene. She is studying Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School. Her current work is inspired by collaboration and community as well as her own spirituality and meditative practices.

See the exhibition for free in our first floor Gallery space.

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