A sheet in the Sahara.
A charpai on my roof in Afghanistan.
On our balcony back home, sharing with my brother.
A blanket in the rescue ship that pulled me from the sea.

After a successful tour in Autumn 2021 that saw multiple sell-out performances to audiences that included 500 refugee teenagers, All the beds I have slept in returns with a new version and new refugee cast from Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Morocco.

It recalls the hundreds of beds the actors have slept in on their journeys from their homelands to seek asylum in the UK. From a flat in North London to a Greek detention centre, supposed spaces of safety become transient; shelters are taken away without notice; and the route from one place to the next is fraught with obstacles. The play is a shout-out to all the real people who kept the actors moving forward. It explores the hidden moments of hospitality that change the course of a journey and how to repay them, using Phosphoros’ trademark wit and energy to reveal the intimacy created between friends when family is absent, and how to stay hopeful in a world that isn’t fair.

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