Black History School has been created to enhance children’s understanding and appreciation of Black history, while providing emotional and practical support for parents and carers.

These are the first six episodes in the Black History School series:

Black in My Day – Queen Charlotte
Black history re-enactments before slavery and after emancipation.

Food From The Diaspora – Sunshine & Aaron: Bajan fish cakes with mac and cheese
Interactive cookery lessons themed around food histories from the North, South, East & West of the diaspora with additional recipes and step-by-step guides.

Storytime with the Griots – Book Sulwe, read by Grace
Tales, music, poetry and history inspired by ancient traditions of West African Griots.

Mindful – Balancing Balloons by Remi
A playful introduction to mindfulness and expressing emotions.

Mind your Business – Free lunch Chapter 1 by Rex Ogle, read by Mopani
A financial literacy course for children and adults on how to manage money, explore entrepreneurship and build confidence, trust and leadership skills amongst each other and our local community.

Bonus Sketch – Why do people have different accents? Sunshine and Mopani

Black History School is founded by Humblebee Creative.


Humblebee Creative is a social enterprise creating art that pollinates conversation, through immersive and transformative experiences. Humblebee Creative exists at the intersection of arts, health and education: specialising in applied theatre, film, literature, research and archiving. It also provides creative services in mental health intervention and rehabilitation. Humblebee Creative’s core values are to embrace, listen, advocate, and care for minorities within our communities. It seeks to amplify and empower marginalised voices in the UK to generate new ideas for a more inclusive society.

Black History School is supported through funding from National Lottery Community Fund, with additional support from British Land and  Necessity.

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