Learn new skills, step out of your comfort zone, have a really good laugh and get motivated for a creative project! Sign yourself up for a comedy workshop with award-winning comedian Esther Manito. Covering topics like:

  • How to develop a funny story from an initial idea to a finished bit
  • The techniques used to generate ideas for stories
  • How to develop a story
  • What makes a story work for you and your on stage persona?
An adept and assured performer

Esther is an observational, stand up comedian who takes you on a whirlwind tour of what life is like for an Anglo/Lebanese mum of two. She is a writer and has contributed to the publication Don’t Panic l’m Islamic.

Esther’s stand up accolades include Winner of the comedy store’s KING GONG 2018, NatWest Woman of the year FINALIST 2018, So You Think You’re Funny FINALIST 2017, Bath Comedian of the year FINALIST 2017, Funny women SEMI FINALIST 2018, BBC new comedy award NOMINEE, 2018 Amused Moose SEMI FINALIST 2017, and Leicester Square Comedian of the year SEMI FINALIST 2016/2017.

Limited places so book yours now to secure your spot!

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