Free to Move: Dance Un-chained Workshop by Jeanne Bloch

Workshop for dancers and choreographers including a general introduction to blockchain and its current use by artists. We will explore dance and movement as a practice for freedom in the context of blockchain technology. Paradoxically, blockchain technology is both a tool to record all moves on a ‘technological chain’ and a technology that can help us keep ownership of our own digital identities.

Day #1

  • What is blockchain technology? / Examples of relevant artistic experiences
  • Dance as an inquiry: exploring movement and digital identities
  • The reality of the economics: how to use blockchain to get out of the consumer model in the case of dance research and creation

Expected outcomes of workshop series:

  • Get to learn and be familiarised with the NFT/Web3 environment
  • Learn about blockchain as a tool for art production and dancers labour compensation
  • Participate to a critical arts-based inquiry about freedom, movement and blockchain
  • Meet like-minded artists to continue sharing and learning together about dance + blockchain


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