In the week that the UK steps over the threshold and out of the EU, we’ll explore what life is and might be like on Europe’s borders.

We’ll focus on the real borders that existed for our speakers growing up on the edges of the Iron Curtain and today’s unseen borders through the prism of art, film, music, literature and economics.

We’ll bring together Berlin-based author, composer and editor-in-chief of Flaneur Magazine Fabian Saul and his Traces of Resistance project on the borders of Europe.

Alongside him will be visual artist Mariana Gordan and economist Martin Sandbu, author of Europe’s Orphan; and live music from vocalist Lori Secanska and guitarist Iakovos Loukas.

Work of profound worldwide significance awakening us to new styles, beliefs and voices
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Image credit: © Fabian Saul.

With support from the Goethe-Institut London.