The creative industry pigeonholes us despite South Asian individuals representing a quarter of the world’s population and one of the largest ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom.

So, how do we break down the ceilings placed upon us? How do we claim our narrative back? Do we fold into the systems placed upon us by whiteness or can we create our own?

Sessions will take place:

Thu 27 Jan and Wed 9 Feb – The Studio & The Mix

Thu 17 Feb and Thu 24 March – The Stage

First episode – Thu 27 Jan:

Since the hype of the first Dialled In, we haven’t all really had a chance to be in a room together and debrief openly. The first conversation includes some of the organisers of the festival as well as the artists who performed, exploring representation in music and how the intentions and narrative of a movement can be shifted and controlled by the wider industry at large.

The conversation will include: Ahad Elley, Provhat Rahman and Dhruva Balram.

Second episode – Wed 9 Feb:

Being Brown within a white-dominated creative industry is considered a marginalisation. But, within Brownness, there is an invisible hierarchical ladder. How do we envision an equitable playing field? Especially as Brownness becomes commodified, co-opted, exoticised and exploited by the mainstream? How do intersections between disability, mental health, queerness work within the push for South Asian-ness to be recognised culturally?

Third episode – Thu 17 Feb:

Colourism is a pervasive scourge that underpins any notion of progress the South Asian community attempts to make. The prejudice and discrimination faced by individuals with a dark skin tone among South Asian people, despite belonging to the same racial group, is prevalent. We need to have an honest discussion around colourism in the South Asian community and how we can move forward.

Fourth episode – Thu 24 Mar:

A discussion across British South Asian generations, in particular, the Daytimers and Asian Underground of old vs the present Daytimers. We investigate whatever happened to that original Daytimers crew? What wisdom can the older generation give the young ones? And how do we build community today ensuring we don’t make the mistakes of old? Can the newer, younger generation impart wisdom on the older ones? If so, what is that? What aspects of community-building can we learn from one another?

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