This workshop is for everyone, no acting experience required. Our guest is Juliet Stephens, a Creative Arts Psychotherapist, who is using Drama tools and techniques for the purposes of psychological healing and growth. She has a background in improvised theatre, and has performed at improv festivals around the world. She will guide us through creative drama exercises designed to support us in exploring our inner world, process the difficult times we’ve been through during the pandemic and access our inner resilient hero.

We will discover:

  • an embodied reflection on the experience of Covid and its impact;
  • an opportunity to connect creatively to our personal resilience, inner strength and resources;
  • how to use our body and voice to discover some inner truths;
  • how to learn by witnessing others’ experience and be inspired by them through creative collaboration and exploration, in a safe space held by Juliet.

This free session will take place online, so make sure you have a laptop, phone or tablet with a good internet connection.