Join edutainer Reuben Christian on a slightly deep but mainly hilarious introspective journey and leave with new ideas and connections to help you live out your dreams.

An entertaining evening of games, collective dream building, and Reuben’s oversharing awaits…


Reuben is an award-winning facilitator, educator, coach, comedian, speaker, mentor and community builder. He has over two decades of experience sharing his insight and optimism with a range of forward-thinking organisations including Samsung, BBC, VICE, Channel 4, Virgin Media, Pearsons and TED.

His passion (and superpower) is helping people understand, recognise and act on their potential to shape their futures. It is this drive that inspired him to found Dream Rehab, a transformative learning experience designed to help participants achieve their goals through collaboration and mutual support from diverse perspectives.

Passionate about leadership and cultural change, Reuben’s latest podcast ‘What Is This Behaviour?’ has been named in the best podcasts category by Esquire and GQ.

Dream Rehab Website / Reuben Christian Website 

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