In November the Dash Café will explore the impact of the 1989 revolution that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union, 30 years on. Through the prism of artists, filmmakers and writers from across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we explore whether that extraordinary spirit of activism still exists today.
Soña Ferenčiková is a Slovak dancer, performer, teacher and founder of non-governmental organisation BOD.Y , which focuses on the creation and production of new dance works from young Slovak and international artists, with her own dance practice extending to experimental and documentary theatre and dance film.

Speakers include Tereza Nvotová, Zuzana Kepplová, Ondřej Štindl and diplomat Monika MacDonagh-Pajerovaand, who will be discussing the impact of this legacy on their work and whether it continues to have an impact today.

Tereza Nvotová is an actress and director, whose films include Filthy and political documentary Meciar. 

Zuzana Kepplová is a columnist, writer and an editor of the opinion section at the leading Slovak newspaper, SME.

Ondřej Štindl is a journalist, writer and award-winning screenwriter who also works as a DJ.  

Monika MacDonagh-Pajerova is a diplomat, author of The Velvet Revolution – 30 Years On and former spokesperson for of the Student Striking Committee.

This event is created in partnership with the Czech Centre  and The Embassy of Slovak Republic, part of events celebrating the 30th anniversary of 1989.

Dash Arts creates artistic experiences that challenge the way we see the world in collaboration with exceptional international artists. This café is part of Dash Arts’ EUTOPIA season, exploring what it means to be European. Expect live music, short films and performance alongside insightful conversation about the countries who revolted and joined the EU, just as we face leaving it.

Work of profound artistic significance, awakening us to new styles, beliefs and voices.
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In Partnership with Czech Centre, The Embassy of Slovak Republic