These artists are known worldwide for their daring and bold flamenco style, blending the traditional grit and audacity of Flamenco with smooth contemporary influences to create a musical fusion that is hypnotic and mesmerising, breathtaking and passionate, at once ancient and new. For this occasion, each of them present a 45′ excerpt of their last works:

Shica&Gutman: La Shica mixes the raw passion of flamenco with the girt of Hip-hop and rap. She is joined on this performance to keyboardist, composer and arranger for the Grammy Award-nominated Brazilian Girls Didi Gutman.

Born into a gypsy family in Triana, La Tremendita brings to her London debut her third solo album. In Delirium Tremens 2.0, she wrote both the music and the lyrics, finding inspiration in Anne Sexton’s poetry, and accompanying herself on bass.

This concert is co-presented by Flamenco Festival London and Instituto Cervantes London, with the support of Extenda, Agencia Andaluza de Promoción Exterior (La Tremendita) and Acción Cultural Española AC/E (La Shica).

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