We are the borders I have crossed“, says the lyrics of Francisco, El Hombre. The sentence is what best describes the group which mixes folkloric Latin rhythmics and a gypsy explorer sense. In a spectacle of rhythmic explosions, they’ve been on stage at important festivals and venues in Portugal, Spain, Cuba, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, such as Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza y Vive Latino.

The band will perform various songs from their third album Casa Francisco. The quintet have reconnected with their Latin American roots throughout 10 tracks: “in fact, we never abandoned them, it’s only that now we have more conscience, corporality and organicity. We are honouring our roots more naturally“, explains LAZÚLI.

Francisco El Hombre will also perform the highly political hit Roda Viva, from the original soundtrack of the movie The Coup d’Etat Factory. The band have crafted a multilayered musical narrative, in line with the song lyrics and the complex history of Brazil. Mateo Piracés-Ugarte describes it as “the most complex song” he has ever produced, and also the one of which he’s most proud.

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