If you are interested in getting involved, please email Grand Union’s Josh Brandler on Josh@grandunion.org.uk

This year’s programme ‘Call and Response’ is a completely new departure, in which we want young musicians themselves to call the shots.

Loosely inspired by the age-old universal musical technique of ‘call and response’, which can be interpreted in so many different ways, in this case Grand Union Youth Orchestra will be doing the calling, and Grand Union Orchestra musicians the responding!

Sessions are FREE, open to young musicians aged 12-26 who wish to explore the world’s major musical cultures and/or play non-western instruments.


Sun 9 May, 10.00-1.30 – open workshop, new members welcome.

Sun 13 Jun, 10.00-1.30 – exploring music for Refugee Week.

Sun 11 Jul, 10.00-1.30 – commemorating Windrush Day

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