The date for this performance has changed from  5 & 16 July to 5 and 6 July. If you had a ticket booked our box office team will have informed you that your ticket has been transferred over to the new showing dates. Please feel free to contact if you have any queries.

What would happen to his memories? His future? And his present?

Hash attempts to answer these questions by observing a person so immobilised by fear that venturing outside has become impossible.

Hash watches as his body grows and he searches for his life story within the confines of a tiny room.

Khashabi Theatre is an independent cultural organisation founded in Haifa in 2015 by Khashabi Ensemble, a collective of Palestinian theatre-makers. Khashabi aims to provide a space for artists to freely experiment, create, research and perform alternative forms of theatre and art, and space where societal, political and artistic taboos can be challenged, creating an invigorated creative environment based around cooperation and mutual support.

This performance is in Arabic with English Surtitles.

Somewhere between claustrophobia and a metaphor of the contemporary world, Bashar Murkus delivers a stinging satire of the society of consumption.
Hugues Le Tanneur / Théâtre de la ville, Paris

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