We know that the run-up to Valentine’s Day can be a time of sadness and reflection for many, but Heartbreak Hotel offers the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day antidote.

Filled with art, creativity and real stories, it’s a five-day festival designed to help us process our heartbreak with others and feel less alone.

Taking place across east London, the festival will include opportunities to attend a variety of workshops, enjoy heartbreak-inspired art or get stuck into making Anti-Valentine’s Day cards.

In the evening, there will also be a selection of panels, where leading experts will be sharing facts, figures and psychology behind what it means to have a broken heart and what we can do to feel better.

There is a limited number of low-income tickets available. If you require one please email heartbreakhotelfest@gmail.com stating which events you’re interested in attending.

Heartbreak Hotel / @heartbreakhotelfest

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