This two day course focuses on giving form and structure to figurative imagining. It shows how improvised spoken word can be the primary tool for the translation and communication of your imagination to a live audience.

You’ll be introduced to both the storyteller’s grammar and Rasa theory – a key compositional tool designed to bring out the emotional life of a story. And you will discover how the conscious application of different forms of language, directly affect the mood, pace, and delivery of a narrative.

Ben Haggarty’s understanding of orality, metaphor, magic and the dramaturgy of performance storytelling is unsurpassed. World renowned for his physical, often challenging performances, Ben has a repertoire of over 350 folktales, fairytales, epics and myths. He’s a much sought after trainer and director, and is currently Visiting Research Fellow in the Creative Arts at Merton College, Oxford.

It was like being given the keys to a box of storytelling secrets
Himanshu Ojha

The art of storytelling is in the surest safest hands here
Remote Goat

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