La Yegros – ‘The Queen of Nu Cumbia’ – is known for her tropical grooves, relentless Northern Argentinian rhythms and psychedelic tones.

At this special live gig, La Yegros debuts music from the new album Suelta, released in March. Holding true to her previous influences such as carnavalito and cumbia, she now adds the intense rhythms of huayno and chamarrera – Colombian Andean flutes – as well as Middle Eastern ingredients. These genres have been put through the blender of Jamaican dancehall and electronica, creating a cocktail which only La Yegros can mix, cutting through male-dominated contemporary cumbia, and drawing on both deep folk traditions and cutting edge beats.

If ever Pedro Almodóvar wanted a new muse, he need look no further than La Yegros

Confident and vibrant in approach, La Yegros has been championed by MTV Iggy, as well as by Fader Magazine, who hailed La Yegros’ ‘raw urgency while sounding completely relaxed and conversational.’

Feminine, joyous and tropical… a revolution you can dance to.
Time Out
Her precise, even strident, vocals effortlessly dominate proceedings
The Independent

Support on the night comes from King Coya, the digitalised, imaginary version of Gaby Kerpel, who blends traditional Colombian cumbia and Argentine folklore with electronic music. His credits include scores for De La Guarda and Fuerzabruta, and his album Carnabailito – produced by Gustavo Santaolalla – is considered as a foundational piece of new Folktronica and Electro Cumbia in Argentina and South America.

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