There’s only so much rumination you can do as a filmmaker. In this session we encourage those who are ready to envision their project to get physical in a collage making workshop. Whether you need some encouragement to storyboard, or inspiration to moodboard we’ll have the material and space for you to explore and play around with options and to think outside the box in how to layer your story.

Bring any material you’d like and complement it with T A P E curated material such as archive footage, symbols, imagery, maps and more.

There will also be facilities to print/scan/copy images from already filmed scenes or elsewhere. This is a collaborative session where you can live edit, discuss and explain parts of your project.

This event is part of a full day of events in partnership with T A P E Collective. For information on the other events in collaboration with T A P E Collective, please check the festival’s website.


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