Join Nanako Aramaki, Natasha Gilbert, Adrian Sola and Antonio ‘Pumuki’ Moreno at an exciting new flamenco show where boundaries, rules and borders of multiple art forms are crossed over, without being crossed out.

This project was started by Japanese-Canadian flamenco dancer Nanako Aramaki and Jewish-English spoken word artist Natasha Gilbert. With a desire to blend forms and challenge conventions, Nanako, with her classically trained background in piano and dance, and Natasha, a multi-instrumentalist and singer who writes and recites her own poetry, present this collaboration as part of the 2019 London Flamenco Festival programme.

Joining them musically are Adrian Sola, a London-based flamenco guitarist and composer from Barcelona, and Antonio ‘Pumuki’ Moreno, Berlin-based percussionist, sound engineer and producer from Murcia.

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