Open Senses: Ideas in Progress will explore the concept of hibernation through the senses. Can we bend time, slow the body down, switch off our sensory awareness, and drift into a hibernation?

During the long winter months, time slows, darkness closes in, and we can all feel sleepy, and inactive. Many species take this a step further and hibernate. Their bodies slow down and breathing, temperature, metabolic and heart rates, all decrease to conserve energy. So why don’t humans? Can humans hibernate? And if so, what is happening to our senses throughout this journey? We always think we ‘switch off’ when we go to bed. But what happens to our body and senses?

Open Senses: Ideas in Progress is a highly participatory experience. Audience members will be encouraged to be actively involved in the workshopping, to discuss the work presented with others and to connect in a profoundly different way.

Disarming and wonderful
A sensorial extravaganza
The Evening Standard  /  @OpenSensesUK

Suitable for ages 16+