Formed in 2014 PAKK stormed the Korean indie rock scene with their first full-length album Salpuri (exorcism) creating furious sounds mixed with Grunge, Psychedelic, and Heaviness. Based on heavy psychedelic rock, PAKK blend the elements of various heavy rock such as stacking-up structure of post-rock, raging screaming of screamo, and abrupt change of pace like mathcore.

The band’s second album Chilgasal (Seven Targets to Kill) was nominated as the Best Rock album in the Korean Music Awards in 2022. The trio have performed at Zandari Festa, one of the most well-known indie music festivals in Korea every year since 2015 and made their international debut at the Urban Nomad Freakout Music Fest in 2019 in Taiwan.

EERU has pushed his musical boundaries ever since he became the principal musician of the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra being at the forefront of new attempts to accommodate various genres of music based on traditional Sinawi. For this collaboration entitled Silent Exorcism, EERU will bring to the London stage a new world of explosive sounds and combine them with PAKK’s raging anger to exorcise all the devils – as he did for ONDA drawing more on thunderstorms, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, blizzards and desert winds.

“Even after time where the sound of wails fill the streets, the world is still unfair, absurd and full of ugly racketeers. Wounded people are tilting their pitiable glasses and comforting each other with an uncertain tomorrow. But their sadness overcomes the anger, turned into a dagger, piercing each other holding a murderous thirst. This album is a “Salpuri (exorcism)” to a world filled with evil.” – Dae-inn Kim

This collaboration is a part of the 2022 K-Music Festival and is presented in association with the National Theatre of Korea.

Korea’s Jambinai impressed with their genre-blurring sound, applying traditional folk instruments to eruptive instrumental drone-rock reminiscent of sonic Youth
An enthralling post-rock group – imagine Godspeed You! Black Emperor melded with strange and wonderful traditional instruments
Post-punk gusto, summoning a brutalist cacophony that is leavened by passages of exquisite tranquillity and post-rock progression

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