For Palestinians, places and journeys have different meanings than others. Cities, towns, villages, borders, taxis, buses, officials, passports, ID cards and identity all come with a burden of history and existential issues.

Palestinian writers Ahmed Masoud and Farah Chamma process these experience differently – from having passports thrown in their faces or asked intimate questions at airports and checkpoints. Armed with a paper and pen, they let a stream of consciousness find its way through the pages. They observe, write and often fill forms for other Palestinians who have never travelled before and just wait, like everyone else.

“What is your name?”, is the question often asked while officials stare at the passports for what seems like an endless moment.

“Mo Salah”, Ahmed often replies.

Is it the supernatural or is it anxiety? Young Ahmed dreams of marrying a sexy female jinni at a mosque in Gaza. Farah would like to pray Asr on a Brazilian beach in her bikini. They are haunted by something, it may be jinn, or their idea of a lost Palestine.

Palestinian writers Ahmed Masoud and Farah Chamma process experiences of the divine. Through conversations and a friendship spanning over years, they observe, write, and create this experimental piece.

Combining elements of poetry, prose, music and theatre, the two writers work with Liev, electronic music producer and visual artist based in São Paulo. Within this trinity exists the duo of Farah and Liev which goes by the name of chamæleon.

Initially created digitally between São Paulo and London, Passports, Mo Salah, Jinn and Other Complicated Things is coming to PalArt as a more real and tangible performance, almost as real as jinn.

Book Passports, Mo Salah, Jinn and Other Complicated Things and Breeze Beneath on the same day for £30 by adding both to your basket before you check-out.


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