There is nothing more powerful than a story and yet documentary photography storytelling has much to do with one’s perspective. Which story do you want to tell?

The works of fifteen resounding female photographers attests that images can drive social change, reframe harmful narratives and empower. These artists stimulate critical thinking about pressing local issues in relation to Female Lives and human rights alike. The exhibition tells a collection of very different stories, ranging from gender and feminism to sexuality, from communist grandmothers to rural lives and marginalised people such as refugees and LGBT. These photographs examine identity and human vulnerability. The works adopt a diversity of approaches to images ranging from fashion, theatre or landscape photography to post-war photojournalism. Coming from the Southeast Europe, many of these photographers are becoming household names in their native countries and internationally. Their accolades are well deserved in today’s world in which a single image can shift public opinion.




Mia Novakova

Jelena Jankovic

Glorija Lizde

Imrana Kapetanovic

Boryana Katsarova

Marija Jankovic

Roxana Pop

Sanja Knezevic

Dijana Muminovic

Senja Vild

Andjela Petrovski

Jelena Zigic

Katja Goljat

Lazara Marinkovic

Marcella Zanki