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Storytelling using Rasa – an introductory workshop 

What are you trying to say? What do you want your audience to feel? And why does it matter? Ben Haggarty leads a one day workshop introducing the ancient Indian compositional concept of Rasa. This practical spoken-word workshop is aimed at oral storytellers, filmmakers, illustrators, writers and others, and will give a glimpse of the potential of applying Rasa in live, written and visual narrative arts. The Natya Shastra, a Sanskrit treatise on the performing arts, written around 2000 years ago puts Rasa at the centre of artistic expression. Rasa is a systematic means of differentiating 8 different orders of stimulation to produce a complete range of intended emotional responses in an audience. This workshop focuses on giving form and structure to figurative imagination and shows how the spoken word can be the primary tool for the translation and communication of that imagination. By necessity this will be a condensed taster workshop – rich, practical and fun.

SAT 20 –  SUN 21 NOV

Beginners Storytelling Workshop

This two-day, practitioner-led workshop is aimed at those with an interest in traditional narratives (folk tales, fairy tales and myths) and in their performance. It will give participants an introduction to the core principles of contemporary spoken-word storytelling, the process of visualisation, and of narrative patterns and structure. You’ll discover your innate inner storyteller and begin to appreciate its skills. Expect 2 days packed with exercises, talk, discussion, and telling stories…

SAT 27 –  SUN 28 NOV

Intermediate Storytelling Workshop

A short intermediate course aimed at those who already have some experience of telling traditional tales, and packed with exercises, talk, discussion, and telling stories… This two-day practical workshop looks at the shaping and construction of stories using Indo-European wonder tales (fairytales) as a starting point. In particular it will explore how spoken, improvised language functions within a narrative, and will introduce key compositional tools design to bring out the emotional life of a story.


Ben Haggarty BCAa is one of the pioneers of the contemporary performance storytelling scene, a world-class storyteller, and Artistic Director of the legendary Crick Crack Club. His performance repertoire ranges from folk tales and fairytales for grownups, to ancient epics such as Gilgamesh, and modern myths such as Frankenstein. He is the author of the graphic novel series Mezolith. Ben has studied Epic singing traditions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and India; he was the official storyteller with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble for 10 years and is Honorary Professor of Storytelling at the Arts University of Berlin.

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