Last year The People Speak and Rich Mix held a series of Talkaoke events to discuss How can the arts and cultural sector respond to the needs of their communities? A year on, we are bringing new and familiar voices back to around the ‘table’ to reflect on how we have done.

What initiatives, online or outdoor events and collaborations have done well? What have we learnt? What do we need now more than ever from the arts and culture? How has that changed over the year? What does the future look like? How can we support local communities as the world starts to open up again? What challenges lie ahead?

Rich Mix in collaboration with East London art collective The People Speak invites artists, cultural organisations, local service providers, audiences, and people from all corners of the community to join us in this discussion.

Join anytime between 12-2PM via Zoom and for a live stream on Rich Mix’s Facebook. We can facilitate participation via Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or telephone – just let us know in advance on

Talkaoke Online is an interactive talk-show, utilising 23 years of experience in articulating the collective imagination. There’s no pre-assigned agenda and it is up to the participants to decide on the subjects with support from the Host. Connecting from The People Speak studio in Poplar, we have set up multiple screens to reflect the 360 degree experience of a real life Talkaoke table. We use instant visualisations to provide a secondary communication channel. The session will be video-documented and the footage made public on The People Speak website under the Creative Commons License.


The People Speak is an East London based art collective with 20 years of expertise in helping people to understand each other, imaginatively tell untold stories and collectively process the complexity of the world and its diverse communities. We have produced participatory projects and creative interventions in the UK and abroad, informing public decision making and deepening engagement with diverse audiences through live interactive formats inspired by popular and televisual culture, including: Talkaoke – the TV-style talk show, One Night Grandstand – a kick-about fused with the excitement of a football stadium, Segue – a generative instant film-making factory, Who Wants To Be – a direct democracy game show.

Each Talkaoke discussion is a journey from one unexpected subject to another: it can be topical, funny, deep, surreal, and everything in between. Being a non-hierarchical format, Talkaoke is an effective community consultation tool used to inform policies, cultural strategies, public art commissions and research.

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