‘Opening isn’t a once-in-a-life event. It’s an everyday trip where every single one of us has to come to terms with oneself in order to bear the next day.’

Edgy and direct, playful and provocative, Trans Trans Trance tackles some of the most controversial issues facing society today and questions how we understand femininity, freedom and sexual identity.

The play asks where gender begins and where it ends, whether it is a product of nature or nurture, exploring these themes through a bold theatrical language and aesthetic. This performance doesn’t shy away from the provocative or experimental.

Directed by Kamilė Gudmonaitė for OKT / Vilnius City Theatre, this arresting UK premiere kicks off our weekend-long celebration of new culture and performance from Lithuania.

There will also be a Q&A with actress and activist Aistė Diržiūtė at 8.40pm.

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Duration: 90 mins, no interval

Director, Set Designer Kamile Gudmonaite
Technical Director Mindaugas Repsys
Sound and Lights Vladislav Bajaznyj
Props and Costumer Barte Liagaite
Subtitling Aurimas Minsevicius
Touring Manager Audra Zukaityte
Cast Dovile Kundrotaite, Jovita Jankelaityte, Adele Suminskaite
Producers OKT/Vilnius City Theatre, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Trans Trans Trance made its premiere on 26 September 2017.