Infused with gentle irony, a bold cabaret-style musical reveals the dramatic genius, the persecuted dissident, the man of truth and ideals, but also a lover of good beer and pretty women all hidden behind the celebrated facade. Stylised live music combines with strikingly contemporary ideas from Havel’s literary legacy in a playful contemporary musical presenting at full throttle. One man’s daily struggle for truth and ideals while stripping bare his fears and revealing his loves and all that was so deeply human about him.


Director: Jan Fric

Play & Music: Milos Orson Stedron

Cast: Petr Jenista, Miloslav Konig, Dita Kaplanova, Anezka Kubatova, Vojtech Vondracek

Band: Milos Orson Stedron, Pavel Fiedler, Jan Svamberg


Duration: 75 minutes without interval

In Czech with English subtitles.

Part of Czech Velvet 1989 – 2019; Festival of Arts, Music, Film and Theatre organised by the Czech Centre London.

They take Havel´s golden halo away. Had he written it himself, it would probably have looked like this.
Theatre Critic


The winner of five major Czech Theatre Critics´ Awards including Best Show, Best New Play, Best Music, Best Actor, Best Actress.

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