Welcome to the last Polish/English Wesele/Wedding before the borders close, where you, the audience, play the role of the wedding guests, led by a charismatic Mistress of Ceremonies.

Restrictions on mixed marriages will be implemented, but until then it’s keep calm and party on!

Wesele / Wedding is a participatory one-woman show, made in the European tradition of absurdist political comedy. This collage of integration stories, raunchy wedding rituals and disco polo sing-along, peppered with Polish and Esperanto, interrogates the role of traditional values, family bonds and whether popular culture can bring us together.

A fresh angle on the the popular topic of Brexit and a charismatic performance from Margot Przymierska
A Younger Theatre
Written and performed by Margot Przymierska and developed with and directed by Patrizia Paolini.

Witajcie na ostatnim polsko brytyjskim weselu przed zamknięciem granic, z udziałem publiczności w roli gości weselnych i pod batutą profesjonalnej wodzirejki. Zanim wejdą w życie restrykcje odnośnie zawierania małżeństw mieszanych bawimy się na całego!

Wesele/ Wedding to show, w którym tradycyjne przyśpiewki, tańce i gry weselne, przeplatają sięz anegdotami ze współczesnego życia emigracyjnego i refleksjami na temat roli tradycji w kształtowaniu tego, kim dziś jesteśmy.

Przy kieliszku słodkiej wódki dla każdego z gości, spróbujemy odpowiedzieć na pytanie, czy Polki wolą Anglików i czy disco polo pokona Brexit?

Show inspirowane dramatem Wyspiańskiego grane jest po angielsku i polsku, z akcentami międzynarodowego języka Esperanto.

PLUS Seminar Talk:

European identity after BREXIT – from the perspective of university students. – PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Discussion Panel

6.30– 7.20PM

How has BREXIT impacted our perception of Europeanness? How are the stereotypical portrayals of the European experience in the UK’s mainstream media impacting our lives? To what extent are stereotypes promulgated about European traditions, religions, cultural and gender specificities and family values shaping (or distorting) our identity? Can popular culture or art help in the creation of a shared European future? These are the questions to whom we will be searching for answers with our audience and panel of European university students from University College London (UCL).

Organised as part of UCL’s 2019 Festival of Culture, this panel discussion will set the context for ‘Wesele / Wedding’

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Wesele/Wedding / #WeseleShow

Please note: This show is suitable for ages 18+

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Please note this performance is standing. There will be a number of chairs available for those with access needs or less able to stand.