Located on Bethnal Green Road, we straddle the borders of both Bethnal Green and Shoreditch, giving us a unique standpoint in the community.

As a team, we hail from across the country (and world!), but all have an affinity for the east end. We have our favourite lunch spots, parks, and pieces of street art which make this a special place for us. And then there’s the many historical and globally-recognised landmarks, some of which have stood here for hundreds of years.

In honour of east London, and all the fabulous things that come with it, we dedicated the summer to documenting the area – our favourite spots, and the landmarks. We’d love to hear from you about your favourite places and the memories they hold! Check out our Instagram for the full series.

A big thanks to everyone who supported the series! We love our home, and it was heart-warming to see that others do too.

Legendary! ????
@the_dictionary, commented on a photo of Tayyabs on Brick Lane.