For Indi-go Rasoi, the concept of “natural is best” has always been at the heart of their food, as they have sought to source the freshest, finest ingredients, cooking and presenting dishes fresh from kitchen. As restauranteurs running a “small is beautiful” independent, entrepreneurial, family owned business, they embrace this concept in our existing restaurants.

Indi-go Rasoi brings a unique atmosphere – excitement, entertainment, colours and flavours of contemporary Indian cuisine offering you a feast for all their senses. Indi-go Rasoi’s chefs use a Tandoori clay oven, grill and wok to bring the smells and mouth-watering tastes of India to Rich Mix.

Indi-go offers a range of both Indian and Italian dishes. Indi-go are proud to take you back to the roots of handcrafted Italian pizza and Italian food.

All the food served is Halal.

Come along to Indi-go for food before an event, or before or after the cinema. Explore what’s on.

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