We’re lucky that our programme, the partners we work with and our location mean we welcome all the communities of the world in East London through our doors (200,000 people last year) but we’d love this to reach even more people and in more ways. What we would do with Local Infrastructure Fund‘s investment in Rich Mix:

  • More community arts activities for Tower Hamlets residents
  • Improving the building’s accessibility so we can be even more inclusive
  • Better facilities for our artistic and community partners, organisations who hire us, Rich Mix residents and building visitors
  • Making our entrance more welcoming (so our building is as welcoming as we are!)
  • Making us a greener organisation

If you live or work in Tower Hamlets and this sounds like something you’d like to support, please read on. (If you don’t live or work in Tower Hamlets but still want to support, please share our Facebook post or Tweet with your networks)

We have until Sunday 24 November to get as many community members filling out the Local Infrastructure Fund’s open consultation form, asking them to consider investment in Rich Mix as a local priority.


What is the Local Infrastructure Fund?

Tower Hamlets have outlined what the fund is in this guidance document. But in brief, it is a pot of money that developers pay into which is being distributed towards community-centred services and facilities, after consultation with the people that know best – community-members.


How to help:

  • Visit the Tower Hamlets website
  • Scroll down and click on LIF area 1
  • Fill out the form and when you get to ‘Projects’ you have space to identify up to three local projects that the fund can support and we’re asking that one of these is for Rich Mix. Write this in your own words, but we have suggested answers below:

1. What is the issue that needs addressing?suggested answer: I enjoy participating in local arts activities and would like to see more.

2. How do you think the issue could be addressed by a new infrastructure project?suggestion: Invest in Rich Mix so they can provide more community-focused arts activity.

3. Please tell us the exact location of the proposed project:Our address is: Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

  • Complete the form, identifying another two projects you’d like to see (if you want) and submit.
  • There are also a series of workshops you can attend and have your say in person


With the rapid changes we’re seeing in Tower Hamlets, we believe that Rich Mix’s ethos of Culture for a Changing City is just what the borough needs to nurture cohesion through creativity.


Thank you from all at Rich Mix.