Irréprochable (Flawless) (FR, 2021) – Anaïs Lonkeu
“When you’re black, you have to work twice as hard as the others, otherwise you will disappear”. Flawless captivatingly performs race politics through the lens of a young girl, Laura.

Drop Out (UK, 2022) – Ade Femzo
In this hilarious and utterly relatable exploration of intergenerational differences, Tobi, an aspiring musician in London is primed and ready to drop out of university following a music video of his which just went viral. The problem is relaying this piece of potentially life altering information to his very Nigerian mother—a hard-working and God-fearing woman. Using snappy edits and recreations, Drop Out reconstructs the many ways in which this encounter could go wrong.

Teju’s Tale (UK, 2021) – Teniola Zara King
Set in the 1950s, Teju, like many young ladies across the British Empire, relocates to London from Lagos to study nursing, an opportunity meant to widen her horizons. Ready to take on the challenge and excel, Teju is in for a shock: her colleagues demand to see her tail.

Ici, Les Plages Sont Noires (FR, 2021) – Olivier Dejean
(Here the Beaches Are Black)
A moving and dramatic retelling of Reunion’s, inconceivable tragic histories through one family. This film is in Réunionese Creole with English subtitles.

Black Ultraviolet (ZA, 2022) – Simba Mahachi
An alien-obsessed astronaut is recruited for a mission in an uncharted sector of space. He soon discovers his sense of time distorting, creating years-long time differences with mission control on earth as his team is stalked by a mysterious aircraft. Black Ultraviolent is a playful, inventive amalgamation of disparate ideas woven by director Simba Mahachi. The visual language, sense of curiosity and real-world emotion demonstrated suggests Mahachi as a talent to watch.

Xeer Bu GAÑJARU (FR, 2021) – Dir Babacar Hanne
(The Precious Stone)
Hijinks and hilarity ensue as two teenagers take us on an adventure to save the priceless heritage of their village from the corrupt adults hellbent on getting rich quick. This film is in French, Wolof with English subtitles.

He’s Dead Now (EG, 2022) – Tarek El Sherbeny
Hazem is distraught when his family secrets are made public when his mother decides to expose his late father’s sexual affairs during his funeral rites. This film is in Arabic and English with English subtitles.

BABA (KE, 2022) – Mbithi Masya
In Mbithi Masya’s brutally uncompromising Baba, a six-year-old boy living in the outskirts of Nairobi embarks on flights of fancy to escape a traumatic reality. Starring Malik Wandera and Victor Makgati, the titular hero- a genuinely lovable kid- not only learns to defend his innocence but is also forced to manifest the kind of parental protection and support that every child deserves. Baba is an uncomfortable reminder of adult responsibilities to create safe spaces for children and innocents. This film is in English, Swahili with English subtitles.

Hématome (BE, 2021) – Babetida Sadjo
Judith dares to break her silence and file a complaint for the rape she suffered as a child. But she discovers that the trial will not take place. Emboldened and determined to get justice, Judith confronts the pedophile who shattered her life. This film is in French with English subtitles.

Locked-In (GH, 2021) – Stephanie Boateng
Mike and Kwesi take a journey to Ghana to seek new pastures but have quite an encounter which presents a rude awakening of the identity of the new colonizer. This film is in English, Twi with English subtitles.


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