Kanya is an intimate exploration of adolescence through the journey of a young girl experiencing puberty in a traditional Indian family. Kanya is a successful swimming champion with a promising career in sports. Her world collapses when she gets her first period and her family demands that she accepts the traditional status of a woman. Kanya‘s physical and psychological transformation are neglected by her close ones who also curb her freedom, forcing her to take a stand and revolt against the system that looks to restrict the freedom of women.

Period is a short film by Binti InternationalSet in a dystopian UK, Period is an ambitious short film set in a world where women across the country suddenly find themselves with no immediate access to menstrual products. How did this happen and more importantly, what are they going to do? This inventive dark comedy brings to light the sad fact that this dystopia isn’t too far off from reality for a lot of women.

These screenings will include a pre-recorded Q&A and a live talk.

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