All the ingredients needed to create a whole world from nothing. Let the ribbon-cutting ceremony begin, re-opening the old tales of humankind’s eviction from the Garden of Eden.

How far have Eve and Adam come since then? Come in and enjoy a drink along with this installation performance.

A short version of Eve & Adam was created in Paris and first performed at the Anatomy live art cabaret at Summerhall in Edinburgh 2018. This will be the premiere of the full-length show at Voila! Europe, before touring to New York.

Please note: Performed in English, with some French and Dutch. Contains full nudity.

This company was supported with a Voila! Residency at Rich Mix in August and will be presenting the show premiere at the festival this autumn!


Almost without words but always with great humour, Kasper Klop plays around with different genres and delves into a burlesque and touching world
Jérémy Lebreton


Kasper Klop invites us to experience something both touching and sensual. Once the show is finished we are sad to leave this gentleness behind. We get lost and then find ourselves again as the limbs of the actor move around the space. Emotion has found a new definition.
Juliette Voltz


We are truly captivated by the magic created with two hands. It’s really funny and at the same time subtle and poetic
Leo Perlot-L’Huillier

Kasperklop1 / Kasper Klop