The island of Cyprus is divided. Negotiations for reunification are thwarted by a history of hate and fear. Based on real stories of people from the Turkish and Greek Cypriot communities, this multimedia performance combines storytelling, video-mapping, shadow-play and music to create a tale of solidarity that transcends the current division.

Forbidden Stories is the third part of a trilogy on the themes of Power & Collective Memory created by the theatre group Ludens Ensemble and included in the programme of events of the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017.

Drawing from interviews conducted with members of the Turkish and Greek communities, this performance makes little use of dominant historical perspectives and rather focuses on the lived experiences of the local populace. The performance aims at creating a platform that will function as a bridge between the two communities to gradually form a common narrative about ‘life’ in “Cyprus.

Please note: Performed in English with some Greek and Turkish.


Forbidden Stories. A unique, powerful and emotional production from @LudensEnsemble. Digital technology, projection, and music combine with talented acting in a compelling exploration of the 30-year-long social and political upheaval in Cyprus. Highly recommended.
Fringe Biscuit


Given the strength of the multi-talented and multinational cast, the sense of individual voices comes powering through – you can almost smell the emotion of families being forced to leave their homes or being reunited with their communities, thanks to the subtlety of the acting and deep personal connection with the text.
Steve Griffin, Edinburgh 49


In a captivating production, Ludens Ensemble give a voice to the people of Cyprus who were long-silenced during the national civil war
Beth Blakemore, Wee Review

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