When nature reveals its secrets, imposing it’s truth upon us, the “Nay” flute reflects a shadow ignored by mankind.

The Nay, dates back to 5000 B.C to Ancient Egypt and has been existing since then, reminding us of our ancient origins. As natural as the nay is, in order for its sound to come out, a consistent reflective connection has to be made between the nay, the player and the environment within which it is played. Perhaps that is why the Sufi Tradition chose the nay as an instrument for self-discovery.

The performance “NAY : Nature Addresses You” is a solo performance that aims to strengthen the bond between humanity and nature and invites for a journey narrated by the nay calling for self-discovery. In the Performance, Nay Master Faris Ishaq sheds light on the Nay as a global flute, where he expands it’s performance from melodic to percussive and harmonic expressions. On top of that, while playing the Nay he accompanies himself by playing leg-percussion and frame drum simultaneously.


Faris Ishaq is a Palestinian Nay Master, Global Jazz Flutist and Composer. Faris is known to his mastery of the ancient flutes “Nay”. In today’s modern musical landscape he is on a mission to unlock its maximum potential. While facing stigma often associated with its perceived limitations, he’s been able to defy such expectations, performing in demanding idioms such as jazz and other world music traditions. Pushing the boundaries of his instrument, he performed with numerous world-class jazz musicians such as Danilo Perez and George Garzone. In 2018, Faris graduated from the “Global Jazz” Master program at Berklee College of Music, where he was given the “Matt Marvuglio” award for elevating Nay Performance. Faris has a unique approach of blending classical arabic poetry meters into his improvisation and composition, in which his debut album “Tripolarity” contains fresh and innovative rhythms that derives from his poems. In Panama Jazz Festival Faris premiered his new solo performance entitled “NAY: Nature Addresses You”. In the performance he developed a new instrumental setting where he plays the nay while accompanying himself on leg-percussion and frame drum simultaneously. Faris has been touring with the performance virtually and will end this tour representing Palestine in two concerts during the International Jazz Day, joining their list of International artists and providing an online jazz workshop for the Palestinian Community.

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