Playscape: How to Build A GalaxyKatie Dale-Everett with Erin Cuevas, Matthew Conway and Wahei Lam
Performers in motion-capture suits interact with celestial graphics beneath a simulated sky. Witness them dance, play, interact and discover new ways of sharing space and trusting imagination. This immersive performance installation uses dance, motion capture technology and screenography to open possibilities for physical, social, digital connection, encouraging participants to work together to build a shared universe.

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Symbolic Communication – Jack Evans
Through collages of hip-hop and BSL-informed movement and gesture, body-popper Jack Evans navigates the language of emotional expression as a contemporary dancer with Aspergers. Using body-mapping technology and interaction with projections, Jack explores how movement and gesture can express emotion when finding words is difficult.

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DISCORDANCE – Unwired Dance Theatre

Exploring themes of belonging, multi-identities, otherness and the search for human connection, DISCORDANCE is a one-of-a-kind hybrid performance featuring dancers in London and New York connected in real-time, using motion capture and VR. The performance can be experienced live in various formats, either in-person in London, on a livestream or in VR.

A limited number of VR headsets will be available for this performance allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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These are hybrid performances designed to also be experienced online. Book your ticket for ONLINE attendance here.

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