Discover an artist who offers a new kind of authentic fusion.

Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui‘s albums’ Lik’Oum (2009) and Sweerty (2012) made her a star in Morocco.

Originally from Casablanca, Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui seemed destined to become an architect but then decided to embrace a career in music. She quickly drew the attention of the media, who identified her with the Nayda, a movement of young Moroccans attracted by more urban sounds.

Then she had a crucial brainwave. She began to write in darija, the everyday dialect of Moroccan Arabic.

This offered her the possibility of exploiting a new musicality in her lyrics, as well as new combinations of meaning – an entire poetry of assonances. In 2013, she surrounded herself with musical luminaries to release her first international album, Soul of Morocco.

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